Betta Fish: Quick Guide to Keeping These Beautiful Freshwater Aquarium Fish

Betta Fish

Are you looking for one of the most impressive freshwater fish? Betta fish is the answer. Not only are they attractive, but they are true charmers. Their appearance coupled with their energy makes for ideal fish to keep as pets. 

Though they are very popular, they aren’t exactly the easiest to keep. They require a ton of care. However, this fact shouldn’t make you back down from keeping Betta fish. If you are committed to caring for these beauties, you will get used to keeping them in little to no time. 

This comprehensive guide is bound to make it easy for you to keep Betta fish. Let’s dive into the details. 

Ideal Habitat

Betta fish can usually be found in warm waters like those in Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. As you can sense that they are used to diverse basins. 

Tank Size 

The tank size depends on the breed of the Betta fish you want to keep, but the minimum size should be 5 gallons. You should go for a bigger tank if you keep more Betta fish. 

Tank Set-Up 

Temperature: As mentioned above, Beta fish are used to warm waters, as per their natural habitat. Hence, keep the temperature of the water in their tank between 75.2 to 80.5 Fahrenheit. You will need a heater to keep the water warm.

pH: The pH should be on the borderline of being acidic and neutral. The recommended range is between 6 and 8. 

Water hardness: Keep this between 5 to 35 dGH. So, Betta fish like soft water that is ranging to being a little hard. 

Substrate: Choose fine gravel or sand because sharp gravel or coarse can hurt your adorable Betta fish. 

Plants: You can keep the plants that are said to be suitable for a freshwater aquarium. However, don’t let those consume the swimming space of your Betta fish. 

Decorations: You can keep caves and other decorations that are made for freshwater aquariums and don’t post a threat to your fish. 

Tank Mates 

Unfortunately, Betta fish aren’t the most peaceful fish. They don’t get along with other Betta fish. So, you can only think of how it goes with other types of fish. However, there are a few types of fish compatible with Betta fish. 

  1. Poecilia
  2. Black Tetras
  3. Bloodfin Tetras
  4. Catfish
  5. Croaking Gouramis
  6. Rasboras

You have to supervise the fish when you keep them together. 

Now, let’s see which fish you CANNOT keep with Betta fish.

  1. Guppies
  2. Oscars
  3. Parrotfish
  4. Killifish
  5. Acaras
  • Can you keep Betta fish with other Betta fish? 

You should avoid this. Betta fish are very territorial. However, if you have to keep them together, you can keep two females with one male. The key is to keeping JUST one male Betta fish in one tank. 


Betta fish are carnivores. Their origins are the waters that have plenty of invertebrates. You can feed them the following items. 

  • Fish pellets
  • Live foods
  • Brine shrimps
  • Blood worms

They can eat frozen or dry foods. 

Feeding routine: You should feed your adult Betta fish twice a day. Also, make sure the water’s surface is unobstructed because Betta fish are surface eaters. 


Betta fish require a clean environment, so they can grow and stay healthy. 

Cleaning: You should clean 25% of their tank water once a week. Change all the water once every two weeks. Make sure you clean the decorations and plants, so no algae grow on them. Betta fish are carnivores and don’t graze on algae. 

You should keep the parameters of water conditions in check as well. Make sure all of them are in the recommended ranges. Make sure the heating equipment is working properly because they need warm water. 


That’s a wrap. You must be excited to keep Betta fish. As you probably have learned till now, keeping these beautiful fish isn’t an inconvenience, but a pleasure. 

You just have to make sure you follow the guidelines. The rest will be super easy. You will genuinely enjoy keeping Betta fish in your freshwater aquarium. 

We hope you have an incredible experience. 

John Kilmerstone

I love keeping pet fish and receive a lot of joy and peace from watching these colorful creatures. Please visit this website and explore the wonderful world of pet fish. Discover how to care for and look after pet fish and amplify your satisfaction.

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